Not every one is given the truth, but every one is given a story, a version, and it’s up to you if you need to know this version of the truth. 

By TajahONeil

Made To Think And Feel Less. Feel Any More And You’re Put Behind A Prison Door. You Can Be Sentenced For Life. Separated From Husband And Wife. Caged Like An Animal For Being! Because You Choose To Give Life Meaning. 

The Bantu Nations Of The World Are A Class Act, The Power House Of Order And Civilisation The True Masters Of The Planet. The Creators, The Constructors The Building Blocks Of Humanity. The Teachers Of The World And Installing Love, Care And Calm On An Somewhat Uncivilised World. When The Bantu Prospectors Journeyed Forth Throughout This World Encountering All Manners Of People Including The British, [Who Was Not A Name Yet] But Were A Class Of Uncivilised, Cannibalistic, Hair In All Directions Grown Down To The Floor Beings. If They Did Not Move, You Could Easily Mistake One Of These People As Small Haystack Creatures. And Not Knowing How To Communicate Yet, Grunts, Squawks, Squeaks And Screams Could Be Heard Coming From These Hair-Straw Dwellers And Was The Only Way To Describe Their Language, And This Was Their Way Of Being. This Discovery, Like All Others Country Visits, Had To Be Logged, So A Simple Note As A Reminder Was Drafted Up, Stating! “To Be Written.” The Long Hair-Straw Dwelling People, Took A Long Time to Become Civilised With Reports Along The Way, And Always Ending With The Tag Line, “To Be-Written.” As The Saying, “Chinese Whispers Goes” When Something Gets passed down The Line Things Can Get Added Or Even Taken Away. So When The Notes Went On Through Egypt, Then On To Persia, Getting Distorted Through Word Of Mouth. So What Was Known As The Ending log. “To Be Written” Became The Title, To “Be-written.” And The Beginning Of A Country Now To Be Known As Be-Written and Finally Called, “Britain”, Because Of The Bantu Moors Travels And Discoveries and Patients. Where Now The English, Scottish And Walsh Are Still Now Writing Their Own Story. But The Bantu Moors Have Put Down Their Name In History Calling Parts Of  Scotland, England And Wales “The Moors.” Where Even Today The Name Is Still Recognisable As Land And Countryside Simply known As The Moors. So Know Where Ever You See A Site, Sign Or Place Called The Moors, Know That This Is The Rich Foot Steps Of A Well Travelled And Land Settling People, On The Passage Of Time In The History And Culture Of The Rich Bantu Pioneering Nations Of The World. 


History The World Does Not Want Revealed

But Reveals Instead This FALSELY PAINTED IMAGE

This Is The Lighter Whitened Painted Version Of KING CHARLES ll. Making King Charles ll appear to be of EUROPEN DESCENT. But was and still is a Fabricated Lie. 

However This Is The True King Of History. KING HENRY II REIGN

The True King HENRY ll (972 - 1024) of EUROPE





This is an Account and Proof of some of the Moors Empires that ruled over Scotland in resent times. The True King Of Scotland King James the 1st. Where the records shows written statements! Stating that King James the 1st. descriptive facial appearance is that of “The Moors” and the Kings before him are Moors, and the official documents referencing these Historical Events confirm the actual reference to these FACTS by Macky, John (d. 1726), a writer & spy. Who was an eye witness in these proceeding, who was tacked to provide clear descriptive identification on the Rulers of that time which was the Moors by Macky, John confirmed, witnessed account. (Dub) another word for Black!   


Our aim is to service humanity with the truth and to enable every Man Woman and Child to have the same stance as the respected and well to do. We intend to provide you with our knowledge and care. Our platform is also here to support, guide and help you to overstand and get through.

It's time to start Seeking our Justice

As long as we cannot come together, then we will stay fractured, divided and apart, making us isolated, alone and more vulnerable to be attacked which is the very thing Your attacker is seeking to do. When you are young or on your own, you make an easy target and are easily taken. Government Institutions prey on you, this is how they make their money. It’s also a way to keep you broke and struggling. Start to understand the numbers game. They have got all of us Competing against one another! while they the powers that be are in collaboration with their own. They show and teach you how to compete! against one another in All sports, All Games, All Wars. competing for an education, a job, a family, a home life, and if you don’t jump through their hoops then your at risk of losing it all and they make you keep jumping through hoops until your 65 years old. And for some it’s even longer than that. and all the time getting you to enforce their rules on you and calling it law. Getting you to inflict hardship on yourselves and they pick up the money as a privilege of your made up penalty. Enforcing you to enforce others. What a marry go round, will it’s time to stop going round in circles. time to get off the marry go round and stop this ride altogether. No more Free rides for the elite. For when the People say No then that’s the ride we are ON       

Locked Up For Living
Still trying to get away to where! you can't stay out here for very long.

Its' been said before join together and come out of isolation. Don't make them make you fear.

This Is Your Lot
Family Hiking Trips

This is to be seen as normal, the everyday usual activities for both young and old, male and female of the Bantu and Nubian people alike.

Water Sports

They don't seem to like the water Sir. Are you sure they're not melting? No it's just some hydrogen fun. they love it, trust me.

Water Sports

No the water just isn't cleaning them Sir. They still look dirty! Well turn up the pressure and add some foam, idiot!

Why Adventure Outdoor

Well no one is designed to stay in doors, as we all need to get out and exercise the body, feel the warmth of the Sun and the breeze. 

But it seems like some folks don’t like to see other folks walking in the Sunshine like they think its not right or something! 

What You Get


I Get to Believe that the Bantu, Kush, Nubian and virtually all of the African Origin Nations that have made their home in other countries are never made to truly feel welcome as though they were home.  

It’s like the African Origin Nations are hated for having ruled over the entire world all those years ago. Maybe the Dictators think it will happen again some day soon.

Moors Bantu, Kemet, Kush, Nubian Names & Legacy

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