Our Project is to Stamp Out injustice placed on the African Ancestral Countries of Origin such as the Bantu, Kush, Nubian and the other Beautifully Named Countries who’s Populations are now placed throughout the world wherever that may be. To enable and eliminate the Systematic system of Abuse wherever it hides. This System of abuse that plagues the lives of Our Young and Old must be eradicated from Our places of educations, Pre-Schools, Schools, Colleges, Universities, right through apprenticeships and out of the work place. To be Removed from Societal comprehension, and begin a cleansing ordeal in outlook of Mind, Body soul.    

All Vehicle Batteries made for cars, trucks, vans etc, use BLACK to show this point that the Black Terminal is! And Means! (NEGATIVE) and this is universal across the World to be seen by all. Is this just another Coincidence?

The Dictionaries Have Told the World what Black Means, and the results are clearly been seen for all yourselves to see, start to take a stand against the Dictionaries who are the co- founders of this filth and still having the gall to been printing this filth. Put an end to this now. 


A Confused Child Paints - at what age?
End Systemic Racism,
End Systemic Racism,

our projects

And Reason For Our Plea

Is To Put An End To The Dictionaries Abusive Branding Of How the Africans Origin Are To Be Thought Of and Seen Through The Dictionaries Slanderous Institutionalised Embedded Educational Teachings In Which They Are Liable For.

It is with the spirit of conviction, that has allowed these Men before you to kneel before the world with the gesture that, “Enough is Enough.” And the world can no longer play dumb or idle to these concrete statements of fact, which has the evidential merit, that! “No Mankind Divine Life is to be treated as nothing,” or to be killed at leisure, like it’s ok, and it shouldn’t, or doesn’t matter. Or that the African Origin People as a Nations are understood by the Dictionaries as, Dark skinned People, don’t feel anything for their kind, anyway. Which is still the chosen method of the Dictionaries educational teachings today.

Your Gift And Support Will Be The Vehicle That Drives This Legal Movement Forward To Its Final Destination. To Eradicate This Printed Thinking As All Abuse Begins In The Mind, And This Abuse Has Been That Way For Over 576 Years. Which Thanks To You, Will Now Come To An End. As This Is How You Cut Something Off, And That, As You Know, Is From The Root Of It. Which Is What We Pledge To Do. We Are All In Support Of This Cause, And Begin Our Course Of Action Which Is To Legally Cut The Dictionaries Down On This Matter At The Root. So Their Degrading views Goes Or Grows No Further.  

Justice for Breonna Taylor
The Dictionaries Express that it is,
The Dictionaries Express that it is,

Unity is the key principal for all great enterprises to be successful, and it is that coming together for a course that makes all driven action possible. It is with the unequivocal notion that states beyond any shadow of doubt, in regards to the majestic crowning glory of life in its self. This one single act of being, which can only be described, as the miracle of life, should and must remain the pinnacle of everything we hold dear, and is without question, the most absolute protected condition which constitutes life, and all other factions which does not hold these trues, should be removed from positions of power, as preserving LIFE must remain the overriding factor.

All Trash, Filth, Garbage, Waste, Rubbish Is Expressed And Shown As Black, So Put In Black Bags As A Symbol of No Worth.

VOTE to take the Dictionaries to court, as they have a lot to answer for.

Crowds Mourn For Another Shot Dead In Bed

The Wonderfully Honourable BREONNA TAYLOR

Breonna Taylor - Now Sleeping The Unbroken Dream
Laying Down The Law For Breonna Taylor
Laying Down The Law For Breonna Taylor
Justice For Breonna Taylor
Justice For Breonna Taylor

The Circle of sustained mental and physical abuse on our young To and from school. meny don't get back home

Now If Your Child somehow Does make it to School Who happens to be of the African Origin Persuasion, then the chances of your Child or Children getting a good education are very slim at best. As the evidence has clearly shown that the majority of African Origin Children have to work 10, or 15 times harder just to make the grade! This is simply showing the constant and continuous acts of Teachers trained in the art of Miss-treatment in failing to produce the same level of care with their academic duty towards the African Origin Children or Child. For decades now, generations of African Origin People have spoken out that they did not, and STILL DO NOT receive the educational support necessary to achieve. This mismanagement that is structured in society is another clear violation of how The African Origin Communities are still looked upon as less, unworthy and treated as outcasts.  

Now some of our Children are being penalised, reprimanded and even told to leave or are banned from the class rooms or Schools for having their natural hair style. This New or latest trend that the education system is putting in place is just another classic example and a reminder of the institutionalised racist system clearly showing that the African Bantu, Kush or Nubian Origin People are not excepted as they naturally are. 

Also, let it be known that, after school, or when Your Child is walking on their own, Your Child is NOT SAFE! As this leaves Your Child Vulnerable and open for the Police to stop and Accuse Your Child with their suggestion stating, “We have reason to believe that you was involved in a Crime, as you fit the description of the person said to be leaving the scene at the time.” And once the Police have made up this Allegation, the hand cuffs comes out, and now there is nothing that Your Child can do to prove their innocence. Your Child is arrested regardless, and if Your Child is trying to ask any questions on the matter, Your Child Will Be SEEN AS ARGUMENTATIVE and understood to be IMPEDING THE Police in their Enquiries. Without a Parent or an appropriate Adult present, then Your Child will be put through the act of humiliation and Processed to be seen as a Criminal, just for trying to make their way home. AND if Your Child tries explaining by stating, “It wasn’t me!” And is STRUGGLING TO BECOME FREE! THEN! The Police CAN and WILL USE ANY FORCE which the Police claim AS NECESSARY! EVEN IF THAT FORCE PUTS YOUR CHILD IN THE HOSPITAL OR IN THE MORGUE, for resisting Arrest. SO PARENTS to SAVE YOUR CHILD AND YOU from ALL that TRAUMA of being SCARRED for LIFE, (WHICH CAN LAST A LIFETIME,) and for Your Child Not To Become part of the Police Funding Business. PICK UP YOUR CHILD, OR ARRANGE TO HAVE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT TO A COMPANY YOUR CHILD HOME OR TO A SAFE LOCATION. You should of seen by NOW! that Your Children are NOT SAFE ON THEIR OWN. SO TAKE HEED. And Remember That, THIS LAW WASN’T MADE TO PROTECT YOU. IT WAS MADE FOR YOU! MOTHS are attracted to a FLAME. The HEAT is funded through ARRESTS. OK!        

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That cold winter feeling

What Is It That Is Keeping That Cold Hatred Running Through The Veins Of Society And The Further Reaching World? The Answer Is Simple!

This Is The Hidden Agenda That No One Has Been Looking At, But Is Clear For All To See. Now See How A Nation Is Portrayed As The Word “BLACK” And The Stigma Of Discussed That It Holds.


Tell Anyone That They Are Fat or Ugly For Long Enough, And Eventually Both You And Them, Will Believe In That Lie You Have Told, And that Lie You Have Told, Will Manifest In Their Minds Everyday As True, And Will Eventually Become True.

The Way Forward Is Now Here. You Know Now What’s Clearly Been Going On. And You Know Now What You’ve Got To Do! SO DO IT!, DO IT!, And Put An End To This Fractured, Unbalanced, System Of Abuse, Now That The Evidence Is Clear

   Click To Act. 

We Are Ready And Waiting To Proclaim This Indisputable Act. In A Peaceful Manner, But This Psychological Warfare has Ended.
We Have All Seen The Horrific Acts Of Indecency Inflicted On A Nation Of Afro-Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Europeans And The African Bantu Nations As A Whole, Including The Entirety Of The Aborigine Nations Of Australia. This Absolutely Shocking Events Of This Generational Degrading And Put To Death Approach, That Keep Occurring Time And Time Again! And That's Just The Ones We Hear About! Must Stop!, Now I Understand What Has Been The Driving Force Behind These Hideously Insane Acts. I Can Now Vote, As All Action Starts In The Mind.

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