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By Clicking the button above! you are choosing to change the hearts and minds of those all around you. One click will tell the world that you will no longer accept this world renown rendition of psychological abuse, that Oxford & Collins Dictionaries have been spreading for centuries, and they will continue to do so if you don’t press that button. Failure to press the button will mean continued misery for millions and millions of Moors Bantu Women, Kush Man & Nubian Children and their Children too. So to save all that pain, just Click that button right away ok. and free yourself and them all from having any added sad dismal days. Thank You. Click! Oh look! Happiness is now on the way, Tell others and help them on their way to a better day too. As life should be a great experience & not a hurtful time. Stop the psychological hurtful abuse from being spread through these Dictionary pages. We are Moors, Bantu, Kemet, Kush, Nubian legacy descendants.

The Journey Of Discovery

Hi people of planet earth, and just like most of us if not all, I am also on a journey of discovery. My name is TajahONeil, and on this  journey I am looking at how’ just how have I become to be named and stigmatised with the derogatory word or phrase (BLACK) which is the meaning (Dead) by the way, along with all of the other low graded depictions for denomination. Who orchestrated this Dead-Low worded outlook for me? Why is this Word still attached to people went it is clearly causing so much controversy to the African Nations of Origin world wide! Why is this Word (BLACK) not BANNED from being used in describing the Moors African Bantu, Kemet, Kush, Nubian People and the Australian Aboriginal People in the Dictionaries? My journey looks at how the word (BLACK) and the MADE UP reason for its meaning which was designed, placed, stapled into and branded onto the minds of all people by means of the dictionaries. NOW! With this doctored outlook being attached to ‘All’ Moors of the Americas, and to Peoples of the African Name Countries by forcing a (BLACK)(DEAD) name stating that this is the culture of the Moors of the Americas and the African Moors Nations which has nothing to do with my African Bantu Moor Origin or my African Bantu Moor description. I will present the truth about this inducted word (BLACK.) Where it came from! Who were the people responsible for its arrival on us! And how this word (BLACK) has infiltrated into the African and American Moors Community in the intent to replace and bury our Moors Origin. And I’ll show how this new inducted word (BLACK) has negatively encompassed a mentality through which virtually ALL of the Nations majority have now blindly accepted the dead word (BLACK.) With or Without the knowledge of it’s devastating societal effects, but this Black/Dead name calling is said all throughout our homes, Towns, Cities which has moved across Countries across Continents and throughout the rest of the entire world. This spiteful Dead Name Calling Must Be Banned!  

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Lack of Comprehension

Black is the dun heap name, by which I’ve been buried under all of my life. Being casted with this identity described as “Black” by the Dictionaries which the dictionaries have made this word to means the lowest down putting denomination of matter as a condition. It even means not having any existence, hence, “Funereal, Death, Dead, Tragic.” Therefore Black is the name of things that be low, negative and Dead, by which there is nothing after. No Life can live when it’s attached to Death. Only then developing into decay and turning into dust being attached to this In-dust-story. Told as threatening and the counter part of Blackdeath. Is it you?


The TajahONeil Journey Change

Travelling with this black controversial identity descriptive bureaucracy which has proven and shown to be the dun heap name, by which I’ve been buried under. When black is the name of the dead by which there is nothing after. So no life can live when it’s attached to death, and death can only develop into decay, turning to dust is the in-dust-story. Said to be explained and understood to be dead, said with no life inside, viewed as a dead object and the dead don’t care as the dead have nothing to do or hide. So you pass the black with the phrase, “Mourning,” or they let you know, where the dead go, by stating hell, with the word low, said very quickly as your reminder starts off with that dead greeting, “Hell-low.” So they say, Said to be the appropriate rendition for my condition, as sympathy, but there’s no empathy, as they dare not walk to know what fills those shoes, boots or heels of our very soles. We are the song “them,” as Bono sings, at Christmas time in 1984. “Well tonight thank God it’s them, instead of you…,” So while you’re in the black, the banks have you as extraordinary profit, but own, no black, then you’re out of pocket. Told your life’s grim and there’s nothing you can do about it, so what of it. Care doesn’t fill your heart, how could it, when loathing is the only trust your made to put in it. Things that you see, and hear what they say, they’ll put you down in front of your face and say, come what may. Seen and told you have no feelings, and your body doesn’t really feel anything it’s just a dirty dead exterior that’s where you’ll be existing in envy, disgust and shame, as your embarrassment and disgrace comes a little closer because of your black name. Now being despised, plus hatred, is on your shoulder, and you’ve just turned five, so you can only grow into it as you get older. Now taught to grow with this outlook inside, is low, made to think, that you’ll never be alive, so riches and worth, can never knock on your heart, when black with hatred has psychologically torn it apart, or for it to be thought up at the minds door, and if it ever does your response will be, “Who are you looking for,” When dirt and filth is all they teach you to know, to dream to have happiness, you’ll be ridiculed persuaded and explained, you’re a Negro and crazy, you’re insane, so you better let it go, and put that thought away. Repeatedly given the notion and explained time and time again, it’s a mad and pathetic occasion you seem to have that something, stuck in your brain. You see as for those things, well they belong only to them who are exotic, and you my dead friend, well you are far from it. Now when you’re in the presents of this lands culture, you’d better, hide your face, and watch your mouth, because if you fail to do both, then you’d better use your feet and flee, if you don’t want to end up in jail, you’ll see. Or meet with the prison porter, as this is our oath, and, your order. As you don’t belong on the high ground, or on the level with this lands culture, did you think you were free. You’re place is far below you’re taught that, can you not see, this is where you’ll be, and you’re taught this when you’re young, in the hope that you never let it go, and it’s done for control, and just for fun. But in case you do forget or get carried away at best, it will be be there in the dictionaries as a reminder which is set. So remember what you hear, and remember what was said, it has been printed in the dictionaries for this word and its meaning to stay in your head. You have been made to think that your life is one sorrowful stink, that to bow down low is your way, to flow with pain and sorrow with loss and hurt as you go through each day, and to follow this trend, until the bitter end. That’s their teaching to us my dear, in the hope that you grasp it and live in fear. And that’s the dictionaries down putting description of their identity idea designed for you my dear. So all can read and subconsciously see how black should be thought of and described as with feeling animosity towards too. Which creates a psychological war for young and old, male and female and all People are told. All Nations and Nationalities are taught, the ways of the Dictionaries lying deceits of deceptions on human beings said to be known as black. That’s why the Dictionaries Poisonous vile on this subject must be made to be Stopped, and for the Dictionaries to be charged with Psychological Abuse on a World Wide Scale at the highest level, for their inexcusable crimes of Psychological Abuse for inciting Death, Harm, Fear, Danger, Separation, Isolation, and Loss in all areas, including degrees of Mental Disorder and Disruption as a whole, in all areas of the wellbeing for the Human Condition, etc. and the list goes on. So Vote to get the Dictionaries to change their script on this matter, and Charged for inciting these severe crimes against Humanity. Do the right thing, and if you’re still not convinced and sure, then read on, as there is much, much, more!                  

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Extraordinary Experiences

Click the button to change your life, and also Blog your own Extraordinary Experiences that you have experienced with being identified with the word (BLACK). Give your version of events in what has happened or is happening to you! Examples: Comments that you may have received in the street! On the television, or on the radio, as a text, or on social media, facebook, twitter, youtube and other platforms. Have you been excluded or made to feel uncomfortable Have other social persons said things like, “Most BLACKS of this area are terrible, but you’re not one of those” or a person saying, “I don’t feel comfortable around BLACKS! but you’re okey. Have these things or anything like it been said to you? Have you been threatened? Or hated upon? Spat at, or on? Have people thrown things at you? Have you had to Run to protect your life from people who want to batter you and are in pursuit of ruining or ending your life? Have you ended up in Hospital? Have you ended up in Prison? Or has it pulled and put  you through the doors of a Mental Institution? have you lost your family Because of this abuse that was done to you! Are you suffering as an unknown victim of racial hatred? And are you still unknowingly suffering from these racial abusive crimes? I know I am. Write in the comments below! As Your Story Matters.   

Are you being stigmatised or rejected by your own people? Have you or are you feeling suicidal through this ordeal? Do you now feel hurt and alone? Have you had to change your appearance? Your Skin Colour or your Hair to be accepted in schools, the work place and the wider surrounding of Society? Have you taken to drinking alcohol or drug dependent or both through having fears of hatred placed upon you? causing you to worry with anxieties and having trouble sleeping? Are you lost in oblivion? Do you feel loathing and a hatred towards yourself? Is that reflected on others? Do you value your own life? Are you blaming yourself? Are you keeping yourself in denial?

Well now it’s time to talk, time to share, time to change. I know that this hasn’t been easy, it’s been hard, no worse! it’s been shockingly devastating, and it will remain that way if we don’t ease our way through right now as the door is now open, maybe even for the first time a platform is now present and a place is there for you to take your position. This is your story of your life. Let it not go unheard. Unlock the hurt, the pain, the struggle and the experience of being called, seen and understood as (BLACK)              

Our Core Values

Our Core Values is to make sure that every precaution is being made to prevent and eradicate any and all kinds of racial abuse, no matter how hidden or underlined that is as a secret, these will be made prevalent to exposure. Our aim is to expose and shine a light on these abusive methods, and to drive out that vehicle on which this institute is carried, and to show that on no grounds can this form of psychological mental abuse ever be tolerated again. These actions that we take must be a beacon to every other institution out there that is driving a similar constitute, to recognise the gravity and penalty for moving in such an order. These penalties that will be stacked up and placed upon you will not be taken lightly, as it has clearly been shown that this form of abuse being mental or otherwise will not be tolerated by any persons, fractions, groups, business or companies. And therefore the full weight of the Law must and will Prevail upon you.  

Moors Bantu, Kemet, Kush, Nubian, Name & Legacy

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