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A Presentation To Manage Sound And The Spoken Word

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A Presentation To Manage Sound And The Spoken Word

By, TajahONeil.

As a sound manager, you are responsible for the sounds that you hear. If you carry the burden of hearing then you are in need of becoming a sound manager. Now what is a sound manager in this sense? Answer, simple. It’s the knowing that you are responsible for all the sounds that you’re hearing which includes, hearing people talking, screaming, shouting, dogs barking, doors slamming or squeaking, the sound of an aircraft, a gun firing, the sound of children playing, hearing music, birds singing, a police siren, the sound of thunder, hearing water trickling over a stone, etc.

Basically every sound you get to hear, you must manage, even if you are not necessarily the one who engineered the sound, but you are the one receiving it if your hearing allows. And therefore you need to become (if you haven’t already) a sound manager.

Now how do you become a sound manager? What is the technique? Well in no particular order, but still knowing that the steps you will be putting into action with all and every sound you hear, you will be doing the following. And these things may appear to be at a subconscious level, so I’m going to bring this action to the surface so you can see exactly what is taking place at any given sound.

So are you ready to go on this sound journey of discovery?

Then here we go. Now without complicating things, we like to react instantly to sound, we spend little or no time thinking about it, (being the thing that we heard). Our main focus it seems is to respond as quickly as we can, but are we responding to that sound which we heard in the best way possible? (for me), in the right way? (for us), in a helpful way? (for you), in a caring way? Or are we disgruntled, angry, or annoyed at the very sound of it.

(Because Of!) What texture in response are you applying to it? Well it’s all up, or down to our own evaluation system. What is our valuation system I think to ask? Well, It’s where we place our Worth and Value, (being of importance to us, like) Love and Care, (being the time that you invest in it.) Joy and Happiness, (being the fun and satisfaction you get or create). Or what we connect to hurt, anger and pain, (being put down, mistreated or Punished,). We all have our own evaluation system, and it is in place and at play all the time.

This is where we keep our records of our history, known as in our subconscious. So as soon as we hear something, we are instantly judging what we have just heard, basically trying to work out how we have just made that sound 'FEELS' to us, so we automatically calculate to sum up, and equate to generate our own feelings on the matter.

Now not all sounds are of good comforting, and if your thoughts allow it, you can drive yourself crazy. But under no terms can anybody say that another person made me 'feel' this way, if that person has not stolen or robbed anything from you, has not committed "Libel or Slander" defamation, or has not physically struck or hit you, or by having you hypnotised under the abuse of psychological bullying or chemically induced. If these things are not of a factor, then you can no longer accuse anyone for the way you feel, as your feelings and the concept behind them is of your making which is your valuing and valuation system at play which only you, are in charge of, and is in your full control, as this is your creation.

So if you are in any psychological mental hurt or pain, then you have, or are, giving yourself, mental harm, self harm.

This milestone should now give you clear passage to allow you to see, and be aware, of how you are reacting and responding to sound. Therefore, the thoughts you think on what you heard, you will create the feelings that are produced, and this will be the experience created in you, by you, leaving no one to be accountable for your emotional state.

Parents, it is your duty to allow your children to be aware of this concept so they to can also realise their own evaluating, calculation system that is in play too. Once we have a fuller understanding of sound, on an appreciative level, we can then have more control over how we feel when feeling is the after affects of our thoughts on the matter.

This is a very important aspect of our being, as those of us who have the burden of hearing sound must recognise that we are moved by sound making us sound beings. Therefore, it is very important that we take care of the very sound coming from our archives, which we are freely giving out, to all people. And this is the place where only you can have full control over it, in how you choose to create your own meaning of what you have heard, being your choice of how you have decided to see it, as your thoughts is your design that you have given it. Known as My Creation.

Now how I choose or have chosen to look at it is my 'Creation,' and I can Create other ways of looking at the same thing too, as I have a multitude of ways to acknowledge and think about that same thing, or any given thing, as my calculation, is my power of choice, which I create to give.

Therefore I must acknowledge that when I HEAR, then THINK and CALCULATE, I AM SUMMING UP A FEELING which is unique only to me!

by - Sir Lord Bantu Moor lsraelite. TajahONeil.

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