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The Introduction of the Colonial word such as ‘Black’ naming is NOT who We Are! So this Name Calling MUST STOP Worldwide

It's In The Dictionaries Where This Racism Is Allowed To Be Kept Alive To Circulate Continuously. And Here's The Prove!

So Let Us Put Away their Psychological Abusive methods for EverMore, As We Reveal the Racist wizard behind the curtain.

Now! Are You Ready To Be Reintroduced? I Say This Because You Have Already Met Your Abuser. So Breathe Normally, Put the Young to Bed, Hold Hands, as I Reveal the Wizardry Of This Psychological Abuse. OK?

Oxford & Collins Dictionaries Psychological Design for Black And The People They Have Attached It To 

This Psychological Abuse Will Continue Forever Unless They Are Made To Stop!

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For mostly all of The Moors Empires Of The World including The African Bantu Moors Empire in Origin throughout time has been decimated, and the surviving Moors have be made too struggle, suffer and die brutally. And this continued European plan has been stepped up in designed and executed on the remaining divinity of The Moors Empire in African and the Moors Empire in American from around the year of 1442. At the turn of that century it was decided by the Europeans to take over The Empire of Africa and America by force and exploit the African Moors being Bantu, Kush, Nubian Origin as a whole, forever. Denying them of their rights to be Recognised as a People! And it was decided not to allow the African Origin Divinity to be seen or acknowledged as part of the Divine Race. Today in the 21st. Century, The African Moors, American Moors including The European Moors and ALL the Remaining Moors of the World are still being treated less than their True Secret Value which is Breaking The Solemn Order Under The Sovereign Of GOD’S Divine Order. Which IS ALL-LAW

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There are many millions of people psychologically pacified by this systematic system of ABUSE, by stigmatising the very hearts of the people through using their colour complexion of their SKIN TONE. This continuous targeted gender of ABUSE, under pins the devastatingly shocking events that we see in great portions of Africa, and throughout the Aboriginal world in Australia. This doctored outlook is now available to be virtually seen and understood as normal, and in the majority of the world! it actually is. It’s shocking enough to see this cruelty being played out on peoples lives, But to have the knowing that this suffering is being orchestrated on a World Wide Scale! And injected into all minds by Oxford & Collins Dictionaries and other Brand Name Institute Dictionaries, giving out this Low, Distorted, Hate Filled alteration in one  form or another. Summing up their many ways of just how you are to learn by association  how to feel, and act towards something in conjunction with their Worldwide conditioning which they have placed upon it.  And attached it to people and as well as the shocking out comes they have injected, they also call it humour, a laugh and a joke. Randomised words! I  don’t think so. look and realise the affect that this has had ON your life, ON your loved ones, ON your kids, ON your families, ON friends. ON your Parents, ON sisters, ON brothers, ON your Nephews, On your Nieces. ON your Cousins, ON your Uncles and ON your Aunties.  This is not even slightly believable! Its totally believable, as this carnage is made to be the passage way of your life. Need to be sure! Just look at the next generation coming. They too are living up to the education of the dictionaries teachings, it’s embarrassing. Stop this mockery from going to the next generation. As This Hidden Abuse Has Nowhere To Hide. Text “ON” To Signify that You are Switched “ON” 


What is happening to the Moors Bantu, Kush, Nubian and ALL the African Divinity and Sceret Origin is no Accident or Unfortunate or Just One Of Those Things. No! This is by design! This was and still is the deliberate plan of action to keep dehumanising all the African Origin Nations of the World. By choosing to look at the living African Nations as less then life and treating the African Origin Nations like these people are or were DEAD! and calling them DEAD! by calling them BLACK! or NEGRO! Which means, (in no roundabout way) DEAD!

Imagine the European people, choosing to look upon the Moor Empire of Bantu, Kush and ALL the Nubian Divinity as a whole! as DEAD PEOPLE! as NOTHING! and to treat The Moor Empire and African Origin People as DEAD! Teaching and treating ALL of the Moor American Origin Rooted People like NOTHING! not even wanting to ACKNOWLEDGE the LIFE of the Moor Empire, Bantu Man! the Kush Woman! and not even the Nubian Children, No! but instead capturing these Peaceful Beautiful Divine Chosen People and ENSLAVING VIRTUALLY ALL of US, The Roots and Offspring of the Moors Empire and African Origin Culture. And to use Our People for their own European purposes. And after all these centuries of pain and psychological torture, the DICTIONARIES are Still Playing Their Part Within That Role. Even Today, RIGHT NOW! As You Are Reading This.

Calling You/Me BLACK! in English. The same Spanish Word for BLACK is NEGRO. NEGRO comes from the Greek Word NECRO. I.E NECROPHILIA (Which means:) AN IRRESISTIBLE SEXUAL ATTRACTION TO DEAD BODIES! A Greek meaning! The BODIES of the living Moors were known then to be called “The DEAD BODIED PEOPLE” which the Greeks had an IRRESISTIBLE SEXUAL ATTRACTION TO. This sexual attraction is known even today as NECROPHILIA. And BLACK also means; “WALKING DEAD, LIVING DEAD or UNDEAD”. This is how the Dictionaries sees and refers to the word BLACK as DEAD and the PEOPLE they have ATTACHED IT TO. Some other meanings also included are as follows: “BE SEEN AS NOTHING, USELESS, WORTHLESS, TO BE DESPISED, SOMETHING TO BE LAUGHT AT, LOW, SHAMEFUL, EMBARRASSING, A JOKE, RESENTFUL HATE FILLED, NEGATIVE, EVIL, WICKED, BAD, NO GOOD, WITHOUT HOPE,” ETC. 

Therefore! Know What’s Being Said When Calling Yourself And Your Children BLACK! (which is all of the above and stated in all Dictionaries that way too!) Which is causing functional neurological trauma.

Help Our Dignity From Being Mocked By All The Dictionaries.

Please Help To Restore The Children's Integrity

To improve our lifestyle from being under-minded, we must! STOP THE DICTIONARIES FROM PRINTING & PUBLISHING ANYMORE MOCKERY, Through Calling & Referring to US AS "BLACK DEAD NEGRO PEOPLE." This Name Calling is ONE of the last standing influential backbones of slavery which must be removed from our privileged society Today. So remember to VOTE NOW!


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